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Saving Throws

8th Mar 2014, 2:48 AM
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Saving Throws
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Giberion 8th Mar 2014, 2:48 AM edit delete
Don't try to read the computer on the last panel, the resolution can't handle it. The entry is on cognitivism (ethics). Not for any particular reason. Besides that, I have to say drawing 20-siders is pretty hard! Unfortunately Siv's very busy so I haven't been able to DM for him recently. However, I have been making many new modules and systems. I've never actually played a non-videogame RPG though, just DMed. I think I just don't know anyone with enough free time to DM themselves. Ha! Life!
Sivolock 8th Mar 2014, 9:51 AM edit delete
Icosahedrons everywhere! I'm sure Gib had a "fun" time with that.

Wikipedia is a core aspect of myself. I would not be the person I am without it. Purportedly, one would have to go the library to "look something up" in the past. But now, knowledge is everywhere, omnipresent, pervasive, engrained within the fabric of our internet. If the desire seizes me, I can find something I want to know in moments. The barrier to access is much lower.

But that's not all the internet has done. The form of knowledge has changed on a fundamental level through hyperlinking. Although some folk say that the internet is somehow "destroying" young brains and their capacity for "patience", I would argue for the contrary. Being patient is very different than denying your thirst for knowledge. The way Wikipedia operates mimics that of the human brain, which is what makes it so satisfying. Knowledge never has existed in a vacuum; everything is connected. There is but one knowledge. And that is all I seek to claim, surfing the crests of textual topography, snagging letters as I go.

The way it operates now, Wikipedia is both the terrain and the map. You find what you want to go, but within that is already directions to find where you'll end up, effortlessly linked words and ideas. Its beautiful cognitive analogy, a summary of the entire Human Project. No wonder they call it the Web, the InterNet.

Enough of my ranting - Let's wrap this up. Related to the comic, Gib and I have had interesting meta-ethical discussions in the past over the role morality should play. Gib rejects ethics, interpreting it as an externally imposed, arbitrary set of rules. But I embrace it, living ethics as an expression of my own internal judgements, my own personal deontological friend (did I just personify ethics?). Interesting discussions we've had. Maybe we'll share some of them sometime.
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Stever 8th Mar 2014, 6:26 AM edit delete reply
The art on this keeps getting better and better.