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Memory and Forgetting

26th Apr 2014, 9:00 AM
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Memory and Forgetting
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Giberion 19th Apr 2014, 12:00 PM edit delete
I know most of you probably usually skip the intro/top panel, but this time I think it's worth your while to give it a look. By doing this frozen thing, are we in fact very late adopters of the quickly-fading trend? All I know is I saw the movie the week it came out so, at least on my part, I was just saving up my creative energies, unlike the others who went home and immediately busted out a cover of "Let It Go"
Sivolock 26th Apr 2014, 11:02 AM edit delete
We are quite behind the times here. But hey, it's a timeless film, right? English major monologue below:

I was very disappointed with Disney's Tangled. I thought that it really failed to push against the ideology it purportedly set out to challenge.

But Frozen is different. There is something going on here. We have a characters who celebrate a balance between introversion and extraversion. Good and evil isn't straightforward. Love at first sight is debunked. And underneath all of it, there is something that possibly struggles against imperialism and colonialist western practices.

Despite being critical of Disney's role in propagating ideology in the past, I was very impressed by Frozen. This could be the start of something new. I await your next move Disney.

Also, please don't mess up Star Wars. Please.
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