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Edge and Rebellion

14th May 2014, 6:43 AM
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Edge and Rebellion
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Giberion 14th May 2014, 6:43 AM edit delete
Gib back with my 2nd Wednesday update. This time it's all about the cool kids... you know, those people we all wanted to be. Although being cool isn't that great when it means you can't think for yourself. I can't really think of that much to say here, only that popularity is a construct which conformity powers. Take the mic, Siv.
Sivolock 14th May 2014, 10:38 AM edit delete
Hello everyone. The evening star, the morning star, different words denote the same. Passing by the edge of the sky, glimpsed before it slips into the daytime, dreaming at the edge of tomorrow.

Lets indulge in some universalization.

Everyone thinks danger is cool. Everyone tries to be dangerous in order to be cool and fit it. Being a safe makes you an uncool outcast. Being an outcast leads to dangerous social consequences. Therefore, it is cool to not be cool? It's a logical Kant-tradiction!

You should treat yourself as an end in itself. You should live life, cultivate your talents. Strive toward the unattainable, unreachable perfection, barely out of sight in the foggy darkness.

Maybe some things are worth living for.

Gib and I are strange folk. We are on the road less travelled, hacking our way through the undergrowth. We're rather non-conforming, maybe even anti-conforming under the appropriate circumstances.

Differences make people think. Thinking makes people challenge their assumptions. And therein lies the source of progress.

I'm out of thoughts today. I appreciate it if you made it this far, hope to see you on Saturday.
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Stever 14th May 2014, 8:52 AM edit delete reply
Maybe if the truth about being a cartoonist killing you was known, then it would be cool too ;D