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10th Nov 2013, 1:28 PM
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Sivolock 11th Nov 2013, 10:10 PM edit delete
There are problems with communism. I get that. But there are problems with capitalism too. You hear the "capitalism is the lesser of two evils" thing often, if you are of the small percentage of the population consisting of myself. I think the nature of the system is in fact incidental to all these accusations of "idealism". The fundamental act of trying to describe the entirety of human relations, in a single, self-contained system, is a bit farfetched.

But if you resign yourself to the world as it is, what is the meaning of it all? If you never look at the world as you wish to see it, what chance is there of making it a better place?

And I, your friendly neighborhood “Maoist Heathen” (it's what they call me in English class), will leave you with that to chew on for a bit. Hopefully that wasn't too heavy. I recommend some My Little Pony if you need to take your mind off of that.
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Rechkalov 15th Feb 2014, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
Oh my... I don't know who you are, but I would so, SO like to meet you and discuss stuff! (faux?) philosophy ftw!

Anyways, I'll resort to comments in the meantime.

I dare to say that there is one thing about Communism that is broken already in it's concept; Communism originates within Socialism, more specifically, within Marx and Engels' understanding of Socialism, which is but a tiny, ridiculous fracture of the whole thing.

More importantly, by the constant re-phrasing of ideas, a lot of the original thought was lost - already Socialist thinkers in their rephrasing lost some of the magical perfection of Western Enlightenment, and Communist thinkers than basically killed the ideas, though mostly through misinterpreting, I suppose.

(f.e., for Socialist thinkers, Equality meant that "every man is to be an end and end only, and never means for the ends of another man". The thought behind economical equality was to give room for individual development - the development of Man was the most important think of all.
Not his comfort, not his social status, etc etc.

To Communists, however, this thought came through as "Equality means abolishment of exploitation", or that's my impression, anyway.

Point being, in the end, while Socialists merely aimed towards a society where everybody would get enough capital to provide >for a decent life experience<, that is, so that nobody would have to fear for his life - so everybody would have the time and options, if they wanted to, to develop as a human being, to learn and to understand.

It would seem that Communists much rather imagined that EVERYBODY in their regime would rise to the high class, which is not only impossible, but downright contraproductive; this very premise ENCOURAGES clinging to material wealth, emphasizes it's value and importance, instead of promoting human qualities and rationality.

Huh. I forgot what my point was.
Anyway, hope that makes some sort of sense... and I'll be looking forward to reading more of your radical comics!
Sivolock 15th Feb 2014, 4:00 PM edit delete reply
Yeah I see what you’re saying. I guess to build this up around the idea of "fairness", neither radical libertarian capitalism nor radical communism is affective in realizing full human potential. In the example commonly referred to in the public imagination, communism ultimately ends up replacing rather than removing oppressive materialist systems, and people are denied agency to realize their talents. But at the same time, radical capitalism traps people within cycles of poverty, where lower class individuals can't realize their potential since they lack access to basic things like education.

The issue is pretty complicated. But in public, I like to play devil’s advocate for more communist leaning ideologies to get people to realize that both systems ultimately deprive people of the ability to fulfill their talents.

Since Giberion and I split the art/writing, we were experimenting with more "action" focused comics. But if you like these, I'll bring back some more "faux philosophy" dialogues once in a while. I'm glad you like the comic, I enjoy reading yours as well!
Giberion 21st Feb 2014, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, man, we'll do more of this if it's what the fans want.
Rechkalov 15th Feb 2014, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
Oh, of course, I agree completely that capitalism is in no way better, if not way worse - while they are both absolutely useless as far as the development of reason and rationality goes, the seemingly less oppressive ways of our contemporary society would seem even more insidous, as it requires people to become but wheels in the machinery just like it's "arch nemesis", only it nudges them in this way by rewards instead of fear, and... hey, why am I even typing this out, you obviously know all this stuff.

And yes, I can totally relate to what you are trying to accomplish by leaning to communism in front of people. Pointing out the similarities between the two, where both of the labels, 'capitalism' and 'communism', bear such strong emotional value, is always fun if nothing else.

Whether I like these? I absolutely love them! But it's your comics, of course, do whatever you will with it. I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy it either way!
Ayn Rand 28th Feb 2014, 12:52 PM edit delete reply
I think you guys are wrong about this. Idic is the best and I am the best.
If you have to subscribe to an ideology as downright evil as capitalism at least don't admit to it on your website