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Origins Part Two

7th Dec 2013, 2:10 PM
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Origins Part Two
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Author Notes:

Sivolock 9th Dec 2013, 1:15 PM edit delete
Sorry for the delay on the author post, if you are that one person who actually reads these. I had some finals and studying to finish up.

Fredland is in many ways the beginning of our comic-producing enterprise. It has some interesting properties in both the physical and metaphysical regard, and if you want to get all psychoanalyst on us you could say it might be “metaphorical” for the “middle-school experience”.

Fredland is a landscape filled with people, places, and things rhyming with “Fred”, our titular “protagonist” of sorts, if he can be rightly referred to as such. He mostly stands around and gets killed by his purported friends. Other characters include the pencil-wielding Ted, the solid lead Ned, and Tomato Head. Everyone’s sentences must end with a word rhyming with “Fred”. This is not a choice but is rather part of the fundamental fabric of the world.

Additionally, death is promptly met with an immediate respawn at a convenient central location. This permits the rise of a perpetual state of violence without consequence. Think of a Minecraft server filled with trolls, and without mods, that you are stuck in forever. While it might not be a very pleasant place to visit there are some interesting ideas inside it if you choose to look for them. Much like everywhere else.

Edit: If you are waiting for the Saturday, December 14th update, I am afraid you will have to wait a bit longer. Due to some IRL logistics, my coconspirator has no access to the internet and as such is unable to post. Hope to see you soon, check back next week!
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