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Value Town

7th Jun 2014, 8:00 AM
Value Town
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Author Notes:

Giberion 7th Jun 2014, 8:00 AM
Behind the scenes with Gib!

The title panels have always been whatever I felt like drawing, and that is often whatever I'm watching or listening to. This week it's Rocky Horror. I love going to screenings, it's basically the best time a maladjusted nerd like me can have in public. But the movie's still great all by itself (plus you can hear the dialogue/lyrics). As usual the reference may go over Siv's head, I'll try to educate him soon.

This strip should prove once and for all that I really can't draw sandwiches. I tried to make them reflect our personalities: Siv gets a practical BLT, I get a McRib, and Mal gets a nice panini. Now, exactly what kind sandwich place is this?

Siv and I don't do introductions for characters, since in real life we already all know these people. However we may do an origins story too (not a Fred one, one that shows how Siv and I met) That's after Siv finishes his last 2 papers, of course! He showed me one and I think it's killer. A+, but of course I'm no academic. My brain's not spongey, it's more like steel wool.
Sivolock 7th Jun 2014, 12:04 PM
Gib had me watch Shock Treatment a while back. The ideology critic in me was quite impressed, and the "entertainment value" was excellent as well. Maybe Gib can make a movie watcher out of me yet.

I think I've made Gib draw food items at least 2 or 3 times so far. I don't know, I'm just really obsessed with food. I'm hungry all the time! Compared to me, Gib barely eats, especially at meals. He prefers to snack on stuff throughout the day, whereas I eat fewer, larger meals.

I'm a bit of a guilty omnivore. After studying some basic utilitarian concepts, it gets pretty hard to justify the consumption of meat. People don't need to eat meat to survive, which means they do it for the happiness that the taste of meat gives them. Animals go through significant pain and suffering in the current structure of industrial meat production. Unless you can claim that the happiness you gain from eating the meat exceeds the short, intensely painful and traumatizing experience a livestock animal has to go through, eating meat is negative net utility. This is in addition to the long-term environmental damage and waste production caused by animal livestock, as well as the reduction of the effectiveness of our antibiotics.

You could try and make the case that eating meat is "natural" (naturalist fallacy!!). Or you could say that you literally don't care about animals, and that they aren't moral entities. Or you could say that nothing else matters except your own individual happiness, screw everyone else. None of these solutions are very appealing to me.

Although, I don't think eating meat is necessarily wrong. Most of it has to do with the current way meat production is organized to maximize profits, especially in America. Done with more respect to the animals, livestock animals can live reasonably happy lives, and not produce too much environmental damage.

Although I am a bit of a hypocrite, since I do still eat meat. But I do actively try to minimize my meat consumption. Since just a few years a go, I eat significantly less. So I guess that's something.

Looking forward to the new plans we have coming up. Should be good stuff!

Gib likes to claim that he isn't "smart" and what not. Which is blatantly false. He is one of the most clever people I know, and he always has interesting ideas floating around in his head. He knows a lot, and learns a lot, just not in the way that people are expected to in school. And there is a lot of value in having people like that in the world, who can see things that other people don't. An important epistemic position, if you will.

Even steel wool has its uses.


Stever 7th Jun 2014, 3:56 PM
Never leave a sandwich lonely ;D